Sven's Delta Dart


The first Delta Dart flew on Dec. 26, 1956, and deliveries to the USAF began on July 1959. The Delta Dart uses a Hughes MA-1 electronic guidance and fire control system. After takeoff, the MA-1 can be given control of the aircraft to fly it to the proper altitude and attack position. Then, it can fire the Genie and Falcon missiles, break off the attack run, and return the aircraft to the vicinity of its base. The pilot takes control again for the landing."

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 This is a picture of my plastic model of a Delta Dart. This plane was fun to build because this is the first time I didn't fog up my windows with glue and it is a unique airplane. It was fairly easy to build but I had trouble getting the gears to hold the planes weight so I used epoxy which sealed them for good.

 This is a picture of the Delta Dart before construction. As you can see its a jumble of plastic but the finished product is nice to hang up. This project was great I would recommend to intermediate builders. name IMG